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Dance XB offers a large open studio that is perfect for your next rental! Located 7 minutes east of Lakeline mall, right off of Anderson Mill. The vibe that you experience at Dance XB is unmatched. We keep it fresh, fun, and inviting at all times. Check out our 7ft tall backdrops, high ceilings, and a supersized garage door that is perfect for air circulation. Parking is allowed both on the front ad back of the building.

Dance XB offers a dual speaker system (Bluetooth), for the perfect surround sound system. Our studio rentals come with RBG LED lights, providing many color options for the perfect vibe. 

Dance XB is open to all rental types (classes, workshops, privates, rehearsals, auditions, parties, events, and much more).  We are certain that you will find all of your needs at our studio! 

Amenities Include a 1500 sq. ft. of open studio, 7ft tall backdrops, high ceilings. Wi-Fi, color-changing lighting equipment, 48 ft of mirrors, 1 bathroom, dual sound system, on-site parking, lobby, cubbies for dance bags, large bay door, dual AC.

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