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Beauty - Purpose - Dance
Welcome to Dance XB, Austin's Heels Training Facility! Dance XB is home to Austin's greatest instructors, trainers and students. Our Beauties (students) have assisted us in creating an atmosphere that is completely unmatched! Walking into a dance studio for the first time is often intimidating. However, at Dance XB the Beauties instantly make you feel welcome. Walking into our dance studio filled with music, red lights and the "famous XB backdrops" instantly gives you a feeling of empowerment; followed by the urge to take selfies! 
Dance XB is best known for offering fun and challenging training, along with hosting some of the top choreographers around the world. Here's a huge THANKS to Jo Briggs and  Dance XB for putting Austin's dancers on the map!  We have offered our Beauties the opportunity to dance with their favorite choreographers internationally. We have hosted choreographers such as Nicole Kirkland, Cisco, She'Meka Ann, Mitchell Kelly and more to come.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have the most welcoming and diverse group of Beauties. WE ARE DANCE XB! WE ARE BEAUTY, PURPOSE and DANCE!.
Jo Briggs

Dance Training

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12112 Anderson Mill Rd
Unit 6B
Austin, TX 78726
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