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Hey Beauty Gang! Thank you for being patient with us throughout this 2020 pandemic. It has been extremely weird not having our weekly "unwind" classes, but we promise to be back soon with social distancing classes! Jo is currently accepting Drills in Heels (small group training) clients along with 1 on 1 clients. Be on the lookout for pop up classes and holiday workshops throughout the months of September- December! Stay safe Beauties!
What is Dance XB?
Dance XB is therapy for dancers of all levels! We create a space for you to develop as a dancer and to enhance good habits in your everyday life. We grow by expressing ourselves through movement, motivational speaking, positive affirmations, and self-developmental journaling prompts. 
"It's never too late to start over and live your dream life"
Women of all ages could be affected by insecurities and self-doubt. We deliver the knowledge and support for our Beauties to become self-assured and accept themselves as they are.
Did you know?! 80 percent of women admitted that the mirror makes them feel bad. Here at Dance XB, we use dance as a source to teach our students how to find balance throughout life. We incorporate life lessons and tips throughout our dance activities and exercises.
It is important for us to bring awareness to the issues that keep women from feeling at ease mentally, physically and emotionally. Interested in becoming a Beauty? Click here to find information about our programs.
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