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Drills in Heels
Back to the Basics

Jo Briggs Training


April 25th - June 2nd

7:15p Intermediate/Advanced

8:45p Back to the Basics

Hey Beauties,

This season Jo has decided to break the Beauties up into beginners and intermediate/advanced training. Drills in Heels originally started out as 2 separate levels, but merged over the years. Jo is super excited about getting back in to the two separate programs. Each program will learn 2 choreo pieces (one sensual piece and one litty piece)  along with a sexy free flow piece. This season of Drills in Heels I really want to focus on getting comfortable on the dance floor. I want to focus on dancing in the present moment and being your most authentic self on the dance floor. This season I want you to BE YOU, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. That means allowing yourself to step outside of your COMFORT ZONE to enter into your GROWTH ZONE. This season I want you to practice GETTING OUT OF YOUR HEAD to become the best version of yourself.


You Got This!

Keep in mind that we are all on our very own unique and special dance/confidence journey. This is the journey where you are your own competition. This is the journey where you are able to progress at the pace that feels right for you. This is the journey that you are able to become more aware of your body, mind, and soul. The journey will not be easy, but with practice and discipline, it will be well worth it.


This season we will focus on strength-building exercises to help execute floor work and tricks, carry out cleaner lines, and hold shapes with ease.

We will have across-the-floor drills for both heels and floor work training. Heels across the floor drills will focus on walks, turns, hair whips, and transitions. Floor work drills will focus on floor tricks, strength, shapes, and control.


Overall we will be improving balance, stability, and control. We will practice giving face, personality, and energy to our movements (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, GETTING OUT OF OUR HEADS TO BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES).

- feel confident while being pushed out of your comfort zone


- dance conditioning/ strength training

- choreography

- across-the-floor drills

- dance activities

- solo and group pro footage (for tracking)

- Complimentary class passes

- open studio to practices drills and freestyle

If you have any questions regarding your training level, please reach out to Jo through text 903.556.8222)

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