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Hands-On Trainings

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Drills in Heels

Drills in Heels is an 8 week training program designed to help you gain confidence in your dance journey! Every week is designed to help you reach your goal of becoming a better dancer. Week 1 is all about goal setting, week 2 is about positive self talk and intention setting, week 3 is an exploration of self and sexual confidence, week 4 focuses on across the floor fundamentals, week 5 is all about drills and choreography preparation, week 6 is when you get to put it all together with choreography, week 7 is for choreography clean up and week 8 is when you get to have fun with dance games and activities.


Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training offers an intimate, hands-on experience that provides dancers the opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment. Our experienced instructors provide a detailed training plan. You'll have the opportunity to choose your own song and enjoy up to 4-6 weeks of training, ending with a professional performance.

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Privates (One on One)

Our One on One Training gives you the personalized attention and guidance you need to reach your dance goals. You choose the song, the level, and what you would like to learn - and your choreographer will make it happen. 

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