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Join us for the first ever Biggest Heels Convention in the United States! We're so excited it's almost time! Get ready to learn from the best choreographers, network, connect, and dance with the community. Plus, don't miss the Friday VIP kickback with Nicole Kirkland and a full day of dancing on Saturday and Sunday! Presented by Dance XB and hosted by Jo Briggs, this one-of-a-kind event will be a whole lot of fun - and of course, heels and hip hop! See you at the Palmer Convention Center

first heels convention in the United States, excited, almost time, best choreographers, Friday VIP kickback with Nicole Kirkland, Saturday and Sunday full day of dancing, community, networking, connecting, presented by Dance XB, hosted by Jo Briggs, fun, heels, hip hop, Palmer Convention Center

Slayin' Stilettos provides you with the opportunity to show off your bad-bitch energy with sexy, high energy choreography inspired by artists like Rihanna, Nicki Manij, and more! Our experienced instructors will help you perfect your moves and make sure you look your best on the dance floor.

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